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Laitram Nut CoolSteam
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CoolSteam Steam Cooking Shrimp, Crab and Lobster
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What's NEW @ Laitram

Laitram has launched the first Automatic SMART Nugget and Breast Strip Sorter.  Winner of the Best of the Best at the IPPE Tradeshow for the poultry industry.

Discover our new Precision Force Air Fryer, utilizing the same principles we use for roasting and drying tree nuts. Now available for pet food kibble drying.

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NEW! SMART Shrimp Sorter Partnership Program in India. The Laitram Partnership Plan makes getting the industry-leading SMART Sorter easier than ever, no matter the volumes you process.  Focus on production, not financing, with a Pay per lb; as your volume increases, your price decreases. Learn more 

Our History

Our Culture

Laitram Machinery has been at the forefront of constant innovation since its inception. With a rich history spanning nearly 75 years, Our history>>

Our roots in perpetual innovation have allowed us to evolve and lead in providing global high-performance solutions that redefine industry standards. We have consistently pioneered cutting-edge shrimp-processing equipment, steam cookers, blanchers, pasteurizers, roasters, and graders.  

“I got my original idea, believe it or not, in church. When I was supposed to be praying, I was thinking about how to get the shrimp out of the shell… and I thought why not squeeze them out of the shell?


J.M. Lapeyre, 1982 television interview


Increase efficiency, improve quality, and boost yield. Laitram Food Processing technologies help processors in industries such as shrimp, tree nuts, vegetables, poultry, and pet food achieve their production goals. Our innovative solutions tackle common and sophisticated challenges, including accurate sorting with vision grading, automation, gentle pasteurization, and consistent roasting. 


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