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Rainfall Seafood Chilling
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CoolSteam® Compatible Rainfall Chilling System



Save energy and preserve high yields with Laitram Machinery's Rainfall Chilling System. Designed for use with the CoolSteam® series of Cookers, Blanchers, and Pasteurizers, your product exits your CoolSteam® machine and immediately enters the chilling process, stopping the CoolSteam® process. 


The modular design of Laitram's Rainfall Chiller makes it customizable to your specific needs.  Machine operation is based on thermodynamic principles:


  • Counter-Flow

    • Achieve the same cooling rate with warmer water as you do with ice.


  • Convective Cooling

    • Heat is removed faster by a moving fluid than by a stationary one. This effect is the same as “Wind Chill”.  


Integrated Solution / Closed-Loop System (Optional)


This solution integrates the entire chilling loop.  Laitram Machinery recommends using a Closed-Loop System when:


  • Water availability is limited.

  • You want to reduce your water usage by 90%.

  • Water discharge costs are high.


  • Improves yield an additional 1% to 2% from CoolSteam® Cooking.

  • Energy savings of 25% to 75%. Compared to ice methods or traditional water chilling.

  • Improves product quality and consistency by the quicker chilling process.

  • Integrated controls with the CoolSteam® Cooker or Blancher.

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