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Laitram Manufacturing

Food Processing Equipment Worldwide 


Louisiana, United States 


Our central office is located in Harahan, Louisiana, where our Sales, Marketing, Production, Finance, and Accounting teams are based. This location is in the heart of the Gulf of Mexico, just a few miles away from the fun and energetic city of New Orleans and the region's most significant Wild Caught Shrimp processors. 


In this location, we offer a state-of-the-art testing and manufacturing facility next to our headquarters with top-of-the-line equipment. Our test facility allows us to:

  • Understand how our systems will perform in real-world applications 

  • Quickly incorporate new ideas and learning 

  • Thoroughly understand the production economics and explore business models 

  • Commercialize technologies to our accounts 

  • Invite prospects and current customers to test their products and see the equipment running. 


Laitram Machinery Europe, ApS Denmark 


The ApS Denmark Office offers highly qualified engineering, technicians, and service personnel to support current and prospective customers for diverse markets, such as Automatic Shrimp Peeling, Seafood Cooking, Seafood grading, and Vegetable blanching. It also stores an inventory of spare parts for the region and a pilot facility to test and develop new solutions for the different markets. 

Our Laitram, ApS office personnel have significant seafood and vegetable industry experience and expertise in the following areas:

  • Machine controls design and programming 

  • Instrumentation and packaging design 

  • Vision-based solutions

  • Equipment design for cooking, blanching, peeling, and sorting applications 

  • Field support and customer service. 

Laitram Machinery Offices
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