Low-Temperature Continuous 

Steam Seafood Cooking Equipment

The World is Cooking in our CoolSteam Systems improving their profit per pound.

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More than 230 CoolSteam Systems Operating Globally in Seafood, Nuts and Vegetables.

The CoolSteam® continuous steam cooker technology dramatically and permanently changed the way the world cooks seafood with our patented low temperature, forced convection cooking.

The Laitram Machinery CoolSteam® Technology uses a forced convection method. In this process, a low-temperature mixture of air and steam is constantly circulated inside the chamber, distributing heat efficiently and uniformly. Product is cooked, blanched or pasteurized consistently using less steam than traditional methods, and maintaining high-quality products.

Increase yield


  • CoolSteam® Continous Steam Cookers are easily configurable to meet specific customer needs; the modular design accommodates differing capacity requirements. Laitram offers a large variety of application-specific discharges and belt configurations

  • Easy access for cleaning and sanitization  

  • Elimination of “food traps” where bacteria can harbor 

  • The Laitram CoolSteam® Cooking Feed System continuously and evenly feeds and measures high volumes of raw, debris-free products to the CoolSteam® Cooker. It includes a Rock Rank, Scale and Hopper system, Lift Conveyor and Feed Tank. 


Improved yield results, enhanced product quality, increased energy efficiency (savings), and greater product safety thanks to CoolSteam. 



Product Quality



1%-7% compared to any other method of cooking on the market.

Decrease energy costs by 25% - 85%. 

Consistent, uniform and predictable cooked product. 

Meets rigorous food safety and sanitary design principles.

Products cooked using the CoolSteam® Technology maintain a lower internal temperature, so the outside of the product does not become overcooked. As a result, more of the product’s natural moisture is retained and texture, taste, and appearance are superior.

Decades of research and development and in-plant seafood processing experience validates this time-tested, proven technology.  

Product Applications

  •  Shrimp: 

    • Aquaculture / Farm Raised  

    • Cold water 

    • Wild Caught 

  • Crab: 

    • Snow Crab

    • Brown Crab

    • King Crab 

    • Dungeness 

  • Lobster: 

    • Cold Water

    • Warm Water 

  • Mussels

  • Crawfish

  • Whelk


Sandhya Aqua Exports 

"I have been very pleased with the purchase of our Laitram CoolSteam® Cooker. Compared to our conventional cooker, the Laitram produced 2% higher yield, 50% savings in fuel, and overall a more consistent cooking process. It is extremely reliable and cooks the shrimp perfect every time, giving us peace of mind. Laitram has been an excellent business partner and we look forward to working with them in the future."



"In year 2003, Vietfoods invested in two Laitram CoolSteam® Cookers which had yield performance and quality of cooked products greatly satisfying us. In year 2011, we invested two more Laitram Cookers."


University of Florida

"The Laitram CoolSteam® Cooker provides a more uniform and controllable cooking temperature that assures compliance with existing regulations without compromising cook yield or product quality."