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Our industry-leading Pasteurization technology and Precision Roaster with our new world-class Briner, together in one continuous nut processing system, CoolSteam Black line.

CoolSteam & Intraflow 

Laitram Machinery’s Intraflow Briner, is an integral part of our world-class Nut Pasteurization and Roasting system, which delivers a ready-to-pack pasteurized, brined and roasted tree nut without having to touch the outside environment in an all-in-one, fully integrated system. ​​

The  Intraflow Briner integration with the CoolSteam line allows to run salted products when needed and pass through conveyance when processors run unsalted products.

All system controls are integrated to efficiently operate and control the pasteurizer, briner, and roaster from one control panel.

CoolSteam Roaster Nut

The CoolSteam Black Pasteurization and Roasting process is completely enclosed, eliminating product exposure to the outside environment. 

  • No product handling between pasteurization and roasting  

  • No product spreading is necessary from the brine drum to a wide roaster belt

  • A CIP system is included on the briner

  • Mixing and holding tanks are included for the system. 

Nut Pasteurizer Roaster Briner Coolsteam

Pasteurize >> Brine >> Roast >> Cool >> Ready to pack

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Operating Principle

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