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Rethink Kibble Drying with the First Industrial Precision Air Fryer for Petfood

High-Efficiency Kibble Dryer

Concrete Wall
Wall mounted fans Precision Force

Wall-mounted fans drives huge amounts of air through the kibble bed, resulting in shorter drying times, an unmatched consistency and evenness: throughout the full width and depth of the kibble bed.



The Forced-Convection Precision Technology uses high-speed, high-volume forced-convection technology, too much like an air fryer, to dry kibble faster, more efficiently, and with improved yields and palatability.

This maximizes throughput, reduces dry times, enhances palatability, and minimizes operating costs. This system prioritizes product quality and process value while ensuring food safety.

  • Reduces drying times up to 80%

  • Offers yield improvements of 1-4% consistently

  • Minimal Operating Costs

  • Modular System to Accommodate Varying Hourly Capacities

  • Independently-Controlled Drying & Cooling Zones

  • Open, Sanitary Stainless Steel Design with Steam Sanitation Cycle & Automated Belt Cleaner​

  • Operations Charts Available Instantly on Controls Panel

The modular and easy-access build prioritizes food safety and cleanability, all while maintaining energy efficiency during operation.  

Kibble Process Improvements

Petfood Dog kibble on Precision Airforce

The Precision Force™ System provides observable and quantifiable kibble process benefits including, but not limited to:

  • Maximized throughput

  • Reduced Drying Times

  • Increased yield

  • Uniform Moisture, Color, & Texture

  • Faster Startup, Changeover, and Shutdown

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