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Laitram Service Team Nut Processing

Spare Parts and Technical Support for Processing Equipment


Laitram Machinery is committed to top-notch service. Our philosophy and experience continually guides us toward added-value solutions, and extends globally throughout every phase of the sales process – from planning, installation, and execution to support, optimization, and continuous improvement. 

Laitram Machinery's experienced and qualified representatives stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you to make sure your Laitram equipment is properly maintained and repaired to guarantee long life of the machines.  This includes in-person training of machine operators and maintenance personnel when machines are installed and commissioned at your plant. 


How to order Spare Parts

When ordering any Laitram Machinery repair part(s), provide the model and machine serial number, as well as the repair part number(s).

  • Refer to the mechanical drawings and Bill of Materials to properly identify the needed repair part(s).

  • Always confirm part numbers with the Laitram Machinery Parts Department.

  • Before ordering spare rollers, verify the correct rollers with the Laitram Machinery Parts Department.

Have ready:

  1. Your Company Name

  2. Your Shipping Address

  3. Your Name and Phone Number

  4. The Equipment/Machine Serial Number

  5. Drawing/Part Number(s)

  6. Quantity Desired

  7. Photos of the Part when no part number is available

Click here to send an email to the Spare Parts Department or contact your Customer Service Representative. 

+1 504 733 6000, ext. 5274

Phone: +1 504 570 5299 - USA

+91 9072314240  - India
+454 139 6054      - Europe 
+66  81 8485 875    - Thailand

+66  81 8485 875    - Indonesia
+1 506 259 7100  - Canada
+1 504 570 5274   - Service


Monday - Friday: 8:30am - 6:00pm 

Saturday - Sunday: Closed 

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