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Updated: Jun 19

Pay per lb; as your volume increases, your price decreases.

Laitram Machinery has earned a reputation as a trusted partner and industry pioneer worldwide, especially in India. With a specific focus on shrimp processing, Laitram has significantly contributed to the Indian shrimp industry through innovative solutions. Laitram's Sales and Service team has established partnerships with Indian shrimp processors and has played an essential role in implementing and supporting the design of solutions to address the main challenges shrimp processors face.


Laitram Machinery will discuss its latest PARTNERSHIP PLAN for the SMART Sorter at this year's shrimp summit.

The Laitram Partnership Plan makes getting the industry-leading SMART Sorter easier than ever, no matter the volumes you process.  Focus on production, not financing, with a pay-as-you-go model based on processed pounds.  

Laitram's motivation to create this partnership lies in our customer success. By making a small prepayment, Laitram offers you our top-tier machine with the highest throughput and specifications. The package includes software and optimization services to boost your profits and increase efficiency. This strategy reduces our sales transaction expenses, allowing us to lower your overall costs.

Laitram SMART Sorter India Partnership Plan
Laitram SMART Partnership Plan

With this plan that rewards your success, you can increase your profits, reduce your risk, and gain access to the best technology.  

Laitram SMART Sorter
Laitram SMART Sorter

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