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Watch the CoolSteam Process in Action at Pure & Natural Food Consortium LLC!

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Take a behind-the-scenes look from start to finish as the #CoolSteam system pasteurizes macadamias. The 4-step continuous, first-in-first-out, system prioritizes #foodsafety, 5log+ kill of Salmonella, without the use of vacuums or harsh chemicals, and maintains the highest organoleptic properties for a variety of tree nuts. CoolSteam Pasteurization ensures a safe product for enjoyment as it operates at minimal cost to our customers.

Pure & Natural Food Consortium LLC is one of 10 customers to choose #CoolSteam to pasteurize tree nuts. Together, CoolSteam adapters pasteurize over 500M lbs. of tree nuts annually. Are you ready to #CoolSteam pasteurize?


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