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Laitram Machinery dominates the market as the USA's top provider of Nut Pasteurization and Roasting

7 completed Nut Pasteurization and Roasting installations in 2023, with 3 more before year-end!

Our dedicated team has successfully installed seven Nut Pasteurization and Roasting lines in California this year alone, with three more installations scheduled before the year ends. Our team operates tirelessly to design, build, service, and educate about our products, ensuring we continue bringing innovative solutions to our customers.

10 Installations for Nut Pasteurization and Roasting in 2023.
Laitram Machinery's extraordinary service team.

Laitram Machinery is reshaping nut processing with its groundbreaking modular design pasteurization and roasting equipment. The cutting-edge technology, named Laitram CoolSteam® Black, presents a game-changing solution for continuous pasteurization, roasting, and brining of various tree nuts. Laitram also offers an option that includes only Pasteurization called CoolSteam Blue.

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