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Second Laitram Nut School Recap

Hello, Nut School Enthusiasts!

Laitram Nut School, CFS, Intralox, Gray Solutions, Certified Technologies
Laitram Nut School, CFS, Intralox, Gray Solutions, Certified Technologies

Laitram Machinery believes in sharing knowledge to drive industry progress. We demonstrate this commitment through events such as the Nut School, which promotes collaboration, sharing of insights, and raising standards for nut processing. We organize these events to share our expertise from Laitram, partners, and our sister companies, Commercial Food Sanitation and Intralox, and learn from industry peers and experts.

We are dedicated to promoting continuous learning and staying at the forefront of technological advancements. As we reflect on the success of Nut School in Bakersfield in 2024, we are excited about the future. Laitram is committed to organizing more events, schools, and forums that facilitate knowledge-sharing and contribute to the overall advancement of the industry.

What is the Nut School?

The Nut School is a two-day small group in-person training experience explicitly crafted for the nut industry by CFS. This is the second time Laitram has organized this event as part of its education goals.

Nut School Recap

The expertise of the phenomenal Commercial Food Sanitation team kicked off our training sessions, delving into the world of microbiology and underscoring the significance of salmonella and listeria, particularly in low-moisture foods like tree nuts. The knowledge flow continued as Gray Solutions took the stage, shedding light on crucial design factors for building new plants.

On the second day, we explored a sequenced approach to sanitation and learned how to navigate the waters once a presumptive positive salmonella was received. The discussions extended to the benefits of forced convection in a system and a detailed exploration of Precision Roasting equipment.

Updates from Laitram on innovative market solutions, including the integrated Briner, added another layer of excitement. The day's pinnacle was Sherman Mah's presentation, providing a comprehensive view of before, during, and after a validation process.

We had an absolute blast soaking in knowledge and innovation throughout Nut School. A heartfelt thanks to each of you who contributed to the success of these enriching sessions. Your engagement and enthusiasm made Nut School a truly memorable experience!

Let's keep the conversation going and continue to elevate the industry together. Until next time!

The second day of the Nut School in Bakersfield Ca
Laitram Nut School Bakersfield

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