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All-NEW! Watch the CoolSteam® Black System Installation at Mariani Nut Company

Ever wonder what a Laitram equipment installation looks like?

Check out the time-lapse of our latest system installation at Mariani Nut Company.


The Second CoolSteam Black System in California for Tree Nuts

Mariani Nut Company is the newest addition to the CoolSteam Customer family, with the 24th CoolSteam System for tree nuts. The CoolSteam Black System integrates our leading pasteurization technology with Precision Roasting. The combined innovation of the validated, organic CoolSteam Pasteurizer with Precision Roasting focuses on roasting quality rather than lethality. The system first pasteurizes utilizing low-temperature steam that successfully treats the most fragile nuts for a 5-log reduction of pathogens. The CoolSteam process is moisture neutral. The key technology of the CoolSteam pasteurization system maintains the natural organoleptic properties of the raw product. The CoolSteam Black System is integrated with our all-new Precision Roasting technology, with the flexibility to dry roast or simply dry product all on the same line, creating a roasted or raw product.


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