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Pasteurization for Macadamias by Laitram Machinery

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

CoolSteam Nut Pasteurization
Macadamia Pasteurization

Why CoolSteam for Pasteurization of Macadamias?

LETHALITY & SUPERIOR QUALITY with a continuous Nut Pasteurization system, with no

vacuums, less labor, READY TO PACK with low operating costs, no clumps/blocks of Style 6 or 7 Macs.

Increased requests for 5-log pasteurization of macadamias.
Macadamia Processing CoolSteam

  • Gentle treatment, no vacuums, continuous process with no product handling to avoid damage to fragile products.

  • With the most efficient and uniform low temperature, forced convection patented design; our customers obtain big energy savings.

  • No clumps/blocks of Style 6 or 7 Macs

  • Minimal labor is required for operation (less than one person)

  • The easy-access build prioritizes food safety and cleanability

  • The product comes out ready to pack; no storing to equalize the temperature before packing.

  • Operating costs of <$0.01 per lb. (based on US Costs).

  • Automated Belt Cleaner, Steam Sanitation Cycle, and Hot Water Pressure Washer included


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