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SMART Scale for Shrimp
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New! SMART Uniformity Scale

Improve efficiency in both receiving and QC with automatic, real-time uniformity calculation, count display, and report creation.

Our new SMART Shrimp Scale is the most accurate, easy to use, consistent scale in the market. The SMART Online Reporting System provides relevant, easily consumable, and actionable data.


  • Exceptional sampling accuracy

  • Consistency in process

  • Easy to operate, less skill needed

  • High-resolution screen displays: 

    • ​​Sample Weight, count/kg, total uniformity, net weight, sample quantity, and units

SMART Reporting System

  • Online Reporting allows you to access data and reports remotely.

  • Brings simplicity and automation to the QC and receiving departments, no need for logging data on paper.

SMART Scale and reports
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