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SMART Shrimp Sorter Training in Thailand

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Shrimp Sorting
Shrimp Sorter Training

At Laitram, we understand the importance of training. We are committed to providing our customers with the best training options, including classroom-style training, hands-on training, and e-learning sessions, to ensure proper use, increase productivity, and guarantee that our customers get the most from our systems.

As an example, in one of our latest SMART Shrimp Sorter Installations at KIANG HUAT SEA GULL TRADING FROZEN in Thailand บริษัท ห้องเย็นโชติวัฒน์หาดใหญ่ จำกัด(มหาชน), Our team at Laitram put in tremendous hard work and dedication to prepare and deliver a complete SMART Sorter Training Session. The SMART Shrimp Sorter is a sophisticated, valuable machine that can generate large amounts of relevant data. We want our customers to get the most out of it at all operating levels.​ The training goal is to equip our customers, from Operators, Maintenance to the Managerial Team, with the knowledge and skills they need to get the best performance and results from their equipment. And learn how to use the data to monitor, operate and maintain the SMART Sorter properly, avoid downtime and maintenance costs, and maximize their return on investment.

Laitram Machinery Service
Laitram Service Shrimp Sorting

Our customers gained hands-on experience with the latest shrimp sorting equipment and technology during the Sorter training session. They also received classroom-style instruction on adequately monitoring and maintaining the equipment and troubleshooting any issues that may arise. Additionally, we provided e-learning resources to complement the learnings after installation.

As you can see from these photos, it was a great opportunity for our customers to learn in a real-world environment, surrounded by experts in the field.

Classroom for theorical training
Shrimp Sorting Training

The training and support services that Laitram provides are essential for customers to achieve the best performance and results from their equipment and to maximize their return on investment. We are proud to be able to offer this service worldwide thanks to our expert Laitram Service Representatives and look forward to continuing to support our customers in the future.

SMART Sorter logo
SMART Shrimp Sorter

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