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New Article: What to look for in a shrimp cooking system?

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Managing food safety, product quality, and product yield is essential for any effective shrimp cooking system.

Don't miss this article, written in collaboration with Dr. Jason Bolton and published by Global Seafood Alliance, that clearly explains what to look for in a shrimp cooking system and how it all boils down to balancing three key elements:

  • PRODUCT SAFETY is essential, with no allowance for margins

  • PRODUCT QUALITY can vary to distinguish product value and reliance

  • PRODUCT YIELD is necessary for profits

Dr. Jason Bolton has worked with many different cooking systems worldwide. According to him, the CoolSteam cooker is helping to overcome some of the traditional challenges faced by the shrimp industry.

Specifically, the CoolSteam cooker allows for precise and accurate temperature control, and with appropriate process validation, you can prevent overcooking. Thus, the technology can increase quality and yield while maintaining the product’s safety. In addition, the system is flexible enough to adapt rapidly to product variations, such as the size and quantity of the product being cooked/processed.

How CoolSteam’s shrimp cooking and chilling system works?

The two underlying principles behind the patented CoolSteam advantage: forced convection and low-temperature cooking. These systems are available for HOSO, HLSO, P&D, Curled, Shrimp Rings and Trays.


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