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What makes #CoolSteam Blue different from other steam pasteurization systems for nuts?

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

FoodTechBiz is continuing its series of publications on tree nut processing with an article that explains what CoolSteam Blue is and what makes its technology unique. CoolSteam is currently the US leader in nut pasteurization, which is why many nut processors use this system to ensure that their customers receive the best and safest nuts.

As the demand for safe and high-quality tree nuts grows, countries such as India, Vietnam, Australia, Europe, and the USA require effective pasteurization methods for internal consumption and export businesses. Strict regulations are followed by each country, making it crucial to have reliable and efficient solutions. The CoolSteam® Blue Nut Pasteurization System has been proven with over 40+ lines worldwide with validations for Almonds, Pistachios, Walnuts, Cashews, Macadamias, and Pecans. This system offers gentle treatment, ease of operation, and proven effectiveness, making it an asset for nut processors worldwide. Minimal labor is required for operation, and the easy-access build prioritizes food safety and cleanability.

Laitram Machinery's CoolSteam® Blue Pasteurization system is an innovative and proven system for processors to ensure raw dry nuts' safety while maintaining their natural characteristics. CoolSteam® Blue uses the principles of CoolSteam technology, which involves using low-temperature steam and forced convection to create a mixture of air and steam at temperatures below 212°F (100°C). This method quickly exposes the nuts to steam, resulting in a 5-Log Reduction in harmful microorganisms. Additionally, air's presence allows for condensational heating and evaporation on the product's surface.

Laitram Machinery's nut pasteurization system is a continuous flow, 4-step, low-temperature steam process that organically pasteurizes tree nuts for a 5log+ reduction of pathogens.

Laitram Nut Pasteurization installed for Cashew processing.
Laitram CoolSteam Blue System

Laitram CoolSteam® Blue Nuts processing equipment has an independently operated Pre-Heater, Pasteurizer, Dryer, and Cooler Zone. The Coolsteam 4-Step Process, Continuous Flow, First-In, First-Out.

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