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Beyond the Boat: Seafood handling, processing, and packaging

Dr. Evelyn Watts/Laitram e-learning

  • Uncover the latest trends and best practices in seafood handling, processing, and packaging.

  • Gain valuable knowledge on optimizing your seafood journey's freezing and packaging stage.

  • Learn innovative techniques for preserving quality, ensuring safety, and extending shelf life.

  • Discover cutting-edge packaging solutions.

Beyond the boat, part of Laitram Machinery's educational series: Handling, cooling, processing, and the different types of packaging (modified atmosphere packaging, vacuum packaging, etc.) seafood safety considerations. By Dr. Evelyn Watts, Associate Professor, Seafood Specialist, School of Nutrition and Food Sciences, LSU AgCenter & Louisiana Sea Grant.

00:00 Introducción

00:18 Consumo y tendencias en Pescados y Mariscos

02:51 Atributos de Pescados y Mariscos

05:19 Vida de anaquel

07:39 Enfriamiento de Pescados y Mariscos

08:33 Congelación de Pescados y Mariscos

15:59 Métodos de Congelación

18:35 Procesamiento de Pescados y Mariscos

20:00 Tipos de Productos en el mercado

20:40 Funciones del Empaque

27:50 Empaque de Atmosfera Modificada (MAP), Mezcla de Gases para MAP

30:00 Empacado al Vacio (VP)

34:00 Sistemas de Empaque Activo

35:00 Sistemas de Empaque Inteligente

41:00 Conclusion

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