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Seafood Global Expo Highlights

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

"Wow! The Barcelona Seafood Expo Global delivered an incredible show! Thanks to all the visitors who graced the Laitram Machinery booth and played a crucial role in its success!

Our Laser Sorting technology continues to soar, with over 80 units dedicated to HOSO HLSO, empowering us to expand our backlog and showcase paybacks of less than one year, revolutionizing the shrimp business. Our latest CoolSteam Cooking and Chilling Close Loop Technology brings enthusiasm to shrimp processors who want to save energy and water while maintaining high yields, product quality, and food safety.

As always our Shrimp Stress Reliever were the most popular items at the booth.  It never gets old.
As always our Shrimp Stress Reliever were the most popular items at the booth. It never gets old.

Latin America is experiencing remarkable growth as more than 15 HOSO Graders swiftly replace outdated roller grading technology. We had fascinating conversations on additional technology to improve their plants' packaging and other critical shrimp processes. Additionally, we are witnessing heightened interest in our Low-Temperature Steam Cookers and chillers.

India, our top country for SMART sorter adoption, continues to grow. Customers embrace the benefits of precision grading and cannot fathom reverting to outdated technologies.

Our Vietnamese account manager had great conversations with Vietnamese shrimp producers who have also made exciting efforts to improve their product's quality, efficiency, and sustainability; many are already adopting SMART Sorting or looking to replace check weighers or other sorting technologies for this proven new method.

Conversations at the Global Seafood Expo
Great conversations with current customers and future ones

None of this would have been possible without the dedication of our exceptional global team, steadfast seafood partners, and the unwavering enthusiasm of new prospects seeking to optimize their sorting and cooking processes with state-of-the-art technology. Stay tuned for our new announcement about next year's show, as we are thrilled to unveil our latest innovations to the market!

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