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New Upgraded CoolSteam MVP System!
Low-Temperature Continuous 

Steam Shrimp Cooking & Chilling System

Proven CoolSteam Yield and Energy Benefits + New and Better features.

Labor Savings

With Automatic Feed Tank 

  • Save at least 10-16 People/Shift.

  • USD $50 to $100K/year

  • Automatically load an even distribution of shrimp with no clumps or possibility for raw spots.

  • Improve food safely with less touch points. 

.5 to 1% Yield Gain with Metal Belt

Better heat transfer with Metal Belt, faster cook time. Reduce undercooked belly segments. 


Higher Yield, Smaller Footprint

New MVP System is 30% shorter

Reduce Water Usage by 95% with the Close Loop Water Recirculation System.


  • With the Close Loop Water Recirculation System, shrimp are chilled Faster into a lower final core temperature resulting in higher yield.

  • Full System includes: 

    • Falling Film Wate Chiller

    • RTD's

    • Pumps

    • Sieve tank

    • On-site piping

    • Automated CIP

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The CoolSteam® continuous steam cooker technology dramatically and permanently changed the way the world cooks, shrimp, crab, lobster with our patented low temperature, forced convection cooking.