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Shrimp CoolSteam Cooker and Chilling system Laitram
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New Upgraded CoolSteam MVP System!
Low-Temperature Continuous 
Steam Shrimp Cooking & Chilling System

Proven CoolSteam Yield and Energy benefits with fully integrated Water Recirculating system, improved sanitation, and food safety with less labor and footprint.

Labor Savings

With Automatic Feed Tank 

  • Save at least 10-16 People/Shift.

  • USD $50 to $100K/year

  • Automatically load an even distribution of shrimp with no clumps or possibility for raw spots.

  • Improve food safely with less touch points. 

Shrimp Cooker Coolsteam with metal belt

.5 to 1% Yield Gain with Metal Belt

Better heat transfer with Metal Belt, faster cook time. Reduce undercooked belly segments. 

Shrimp Cooker with Metal Belt

Higher Yield, Smaller Footprint

New MVP System is 30% shorter.

CoolSteam Chilling Close Loop System Shrimp
CoolSteam Close Loop SHrimp Cooking System

Reduce Water Usage by 95% with the Closed Loop Water Recirculation System. 


Shrimp are chilled Faster into a lower final core temperature resulting in a higher yield and food safety.

shrimp mvp.PNG

The Full System includes: 

  • Falling Film Chiller with Laitram Specs (optional)

  • RTD's

  • All required Pumps, manifolds, and controllers.

  • Sieve tank

  • Automated Piping CIP

  • Foam-Control System

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The CoolSteam® continuous steam cooker technology dramatically and permanently changed the way the world cooks, shrimp, crab, lobster with our patented low temperature, forced convection cooking.


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