Precision Shrimp Sorting Technology

Laitram Machinery's New SMART Solutions represents an entirely new approach to shrimp grading. The automatically-fed SMART Sorter scans each and every shrimp in a lot. The machine uses laser-imaging and computer vision algorithms to inspect, grade, and sort at a rate of more than 45 shrimp per second. 


  • Maximize the value of each shrimp

  • Exact precision and Uniformity

  • Increase throughput, reduce costs

  • Eliminate re-grading or manual inspection

  • Shrimp by shrimp data to help you run your business 

This computer-controlled sorting technology allows a processor to:

  • Upgrade shrimp to the most valuable products. 

  • Precisely target average counts in real-time without experienced operators or tedious QA effort.

  • Observe and refine the grading strategy for a lot in real-time to meet product demand.

  • Meet and exceed a buyer's specified uniformity ratio requirement with ease.

  • Eliminate error and time-consuming re-grading.

  • Save, view, and analyze grading performance on a shrimp-by-shrimp, batch-by-batch, and day-by-day basis.

  • Reject broken, damaged, and/or out-of-spec shrimp or foreign material. 


Product Applications

The SMART Sorter works with HLSO and PUD and offers a capacity of about 3 MT/Hr, based on 25 count per pound HLSO. 


  • The  SMART Sorter is available in two orientations and a variable number of sorting "bins" to fit the exact product flow and layout constraints of modern processors.

  • The operator's visual interface is intuitive, easy to learn, and provides up-to-the-second grading information for the current batch.

  • The SMART Portal data reporting tool provides online access to current and historical data to any web-enabled mobile or desktop browser.

Ananda / Godavari

When I visited the Laitram facility in New Orleans, the immense benefits of the laser scanning grader were immediately obvious to me.  The two machines I initially purchased now grade the vast majority of the material at two facilities.  After using the machines for 3 months, it is now impossible for me to go back to roller grading.  As a result, I have placed an order for a 3rd unit.  I am convinced this is the new standard for our industry and will replace roller grading. 

  1. We can precisely grade the target average count with the desired BS ratio. 

  2. We can increase the percentage (%) of the target size that we intend to upgrade.

  3. Easy to use, save time, and also can reduce labor. 



Thai Union

After analyzing the results and seeing the enormous potential to improve our operations, we placed an order for 4 machines. After seeing the first 2 machines run, we knew that we had made the right decision, and rush ordered the 5th machine.

The upgrades economics are exactly "Payback less than one year" We are beginning to explore ways to improve decision making related to buying, processing and selling. The Laitram SMART Sorter has been reliable, and Laitram has been a committed partner to help us transition to this new technology.

We are confident that the Laitram SMART Sorter will be the standard for shrimp grading globally.


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