Precision Shrimp Sorting Technology

Laitram Machinery's New SMART Solutions represents an entirely new approach to shrimp grading. The automatically-fed SMART Laser Sorter scans each and every shrimp in a lot. The machine uses computer vision algorithms to inspect, grade, and sort at a rate of 45 shrimp per second. 


  • Maximize the value of each shrimp

  • Exact precision and Uniformity

  • Increase throughput, reduce costs

  • Eliminate re-grading or manual inspection

  • Shrimp by shrimp data to help you run your business 

This computer-controlled sorting technology allows a processor to:

  • Upgrade shrimp to the most valuable products. 

  • Precisely target average counts in real-time without experienced operators or tedious QA effort.

  • Observe and refine the grading strategy for a lot in real-time to meet product demand.

  • Meet and exceed a buyer's specified uniformity ratio requirement with ease.

  • Eliminate error and time-consuming re-grading.

  • Save, view, and analyze grading performance on a shrimp-by-shrimp, batch-by-batch, and day-by-day basis.

  • Reject broken, damaged, and/or out-of-spec shrimp or foreign material. 


Product Applications

The SMART Sorter works with HLSO and PUD and offers a capacity of about 3 MT/Hr, based on 25 count per pound HLSO. 


  • The  SMART Sorter is available in two orientations and a variable number of sorting "bins" to fit the exact product flow and layout constraints of modern processors.

  • The operator's visual interface is intuitive, easy to learn, and provides up-to-the-second grading information for the current batch.

  • The SMART Portal data reporting tool provides online access to current and historical data to any web-enabled mobile or desktop browser.

Ananda / Godavari

When I visited the Laitram facility in New Orleans, the immense benefits of the laser scanning grader were immediately obvious to me.  The two machines I initially purchased now grade the vast majority of the material at two facilities.  After using the machines for 3 months, it is now impossible for me to go back to roller grading.  As a result, I have placed an order for a 3rd unit.  I am convinced this is the new standard for our industry and will replace roller grading. 


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