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SMART Shrimp Sorter Portal
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New! Redesign SMART Remote Monitor Portal

Buy, Process, and Sell Better with the new SMART Portal- Remote Monitor

Single Source of Truth

The SMART Portal is an online tool that expands beyond the SMART Sorter. It allows a processor to buy, process, and sell better over time and easily reach their business vision and strategy. 

The SMART Portal enables the processor to observe the operation of the SMART Sorter in Real-Time and have a much deeper understanding of their Sorting Operation without having to be on site. 


  • Improve grading decisions to maximize profit per lb

  • Buy, process, and sell better over time

  • Optimize throughput and eliminate unnecessary downtime

  • Implement and measure performance improvements

  • Compare operators with objective data

  • Secure and easy-to-use

Visibility in your business, in real-time

With the SMART Portal, modern processors have remote access to shrimp-by-shrimp data at the touch of a button. 

SMART Portal 

Real-Time Lot View


With the SMART Portal, processors can answer some of  the following questions, anywhere, anytime;

  • Did the lot yield enough of the target products?

  • Did it meet the buyer’s specifications?

  • Did the operator make the right production decisions?

Historic Data

It also allows processors to review and analyze the current lot and adjust certain parameters remotely.  The SMART Portal also enables review and analysis of  previous lots that have been already processed on the machine.

SMART Portal Shrimp
SMART Portal
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