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New! SMART Online Portal

Buy, Process, and Sell Better with the new SMART Portal. 

The SMART Portal is an online tool that expands beyond the SMART Sorter allowing a processor to buy, process, and sell better over time and easily reach their business vision and strategy. 

The SMART Portal enables the processor to have a much deeper understanding of exactly what they purchased and how they were able to process that material into a saleable product.



  • Observe the operation of your SMART Sorter in real-time

  • Review and Analyze any previous lot or set of lots that you have already processed on the SMART sorter

  • Fast, secure, and easy-to-use

  • Accessible from any internet-connected device with a browser

SMART Portal 

Real-Time Lot View


With the SMART Portal, processors can answer some of  the following questions, anywhere, anytime;

portal 1.PNG
  • Did the lot yield enough of the target products?

  • Did it meet the buyer’s specifications?

  • Did the operator make the right production decisions?

By clicking on any individual lots you can see: 

  • A detailed view of how each lot was sorted into specific products

  • Total lbs/kgs

  • Average Count 

  • Batch Uniformity 

  • And the specific weight and count per pound.

Visibility in your business, in real-time

With the SMART Portal, modern processors have any time, anywhere access to shrimp-by-shrimp data at the touch of a button.