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Shrimp Processing
Sort, Cook & Chill, Peel, Devein  -   Warm Water & Cold Water Solutions

Laitram Machinery is the industry leader in automated shrimp processing solutions. We empower shrimp processors to achieve increased efficiency, improved food safety, and consistent product quality. Our comprehensive suite of automated equipment tackles every stage of the process, from precise shrimp grading with the SMART Sorter, CoolSteam Cooking, and chilling to hygienic Automatic Shrimp Peeling and Deveining.

Laitram offers solutions for farm-raised and wild-caught shrimp of various sizes, presentations, and species. 


Coolsteam Cooking

CoolSteam® technology revolutionizes shrimp cooking with its patented low-temperature, forced convection method. It offers superior product quality, uniformity, efficiency, and food safety, making it the top choice for shrimp processors worldwide. CoolSteam® ensures precise control over cooking parameters, preventing overcooking and preserving yield and quality.

Clasificadoras de camaron SMART Shrimp Sorters


SMART Shrimp Sorting

Laitram Machinery’s SMART Sorter is a vision-based shrimp grader that is radically changing how shrimp processors do business. It uses laser imaging and computer vision algorithms to inspect, grade, and sort shrimp in various product presentations, offering real-time data to shrimp processors. 


Automatic Shrimp Peeling & Deveining

Automating the shrimp peeling and deveining process requires a comprehensive “systems approach” integrating multiple interactive machines with expert engineering and services to produce excellent long-term results.

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CoolSteam Cooking


Rainfall Chilling

Save energy and preserve high yields with Laitram Machinery's Rainfall Chilling System. Designed for use with the CoolSteam® series of Cookers, Blanchers, and Pasteurizers.

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