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CoolSteam® Series: Why preheat nuts before steam pasteurizing?

In the beginning...

The CoolSteam® method is both an invention and discovery, which resulted from the Laitram technical team discovering new ways of cooking seafood beyond the conventional water bath to mitigate yield loss. The Laitram CoolSteam® method revolutionized shrimp cooking. Laitram experts found that the process is more controllable, sanitary, and can increase product yield by utilizing steam. The CoolSteam® method quickly grew in popularity as the trusted choice among global processors. Today, those same operating principles of CoolSteam® apply to our nut pasteurization system.

From Seafood Cooking to Nut Pasteurization...

The CoolSteam® Pasteurization system is an organic, continuous steam pasteurization system which includes 4 steps. The first of which is preheating, but...

Why is Preheating So Important?

*hint: it relates to why glasses sweat or condensate*

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