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CoolSteam Nut Familiy is growing: Two new CoolSteam Full Nut Pasteurization Systems in the USA.

Updated: May 3, 2023

We continue to grow our presence in the Nut Industry adding two new full systems for Nut Pasteurization, Brining and Roasting soon to be shipped.

Infeed of a Nut Pasteurization and Roasting System
Nut Pasteurization Systems

The all-new CoolSteam® Black System

Our industry-leading Pasteurization technology with our new world-class Briner and Precision Roaster, together in one continuous nut processing line. CoolSteam® Black continuously processes utilizing forced-convection technology to pasteurize and roast many types of tree nuts efficiently. No need for product handling between steps.

The easy-access build prioritizes food safety and cleanability, all while maintaining energy efficiency during operation.

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