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Laitram Machinery Educational Series 

For more than 75 years, Laitram Machinery has been a fundamental player in the seafood industry, in the past few years, we've also become a leader in the Nut Business with our Pasteurization and Roasting Systems.  Over this time, we have built great relationships and learned from many different interesting people. With this webpage, we want to share some of this knowledge with you. 


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Seafood presents a big challenge due to its high perishability, with short shelf life. There have been many techniques to improve it, but there are still many opportunities to improve seafood quality based on the packaging. Dr. Evelyn Watts from LSU Ag Center talks about seafood quality, chilling and freezing, packaging innovations, and opportunities for the seafood market. 

Shrimp Processing

Overview of 2020 Warm Water Shrimp Imports in 2020. by Willem Van Der Pijl from Shrimp Insights, part of the new educational series by Laitram Machinery.

A Trend Towards Higher Volumes of Cooked (Peeled) Shrimp.  by Willem Van Der Pijl from Shrimp Insights.

Nut Processing

INC Online Conference 2020: Laitram Machinery Live Session. by Hayley Brashier and Brent Ledet from Laitram Machinery, learn about Laitram's technologies for nut pasteurization and roasting.