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Nut Pasteurization Lines

Continuous Steam Nut Pasteurization System

CoolSteam® Leader in Nut Pasteurization in the US. 

Laitram’s patented CoolSteam® nut pasteurization technology is an all-natural, continuous-flow process with verified settings that achieved a 5log+ reduction of salmonella with excellent quality and low capital and operating costs. 


CoolSteam® Nut Pasteurizers are configurable to meet customer-specific needs and the modular design accommodates many capacity requirements. 


Consistently Excellent Product Quality. Looks and Tastes Raw, Natural Crunch. Gentle and Flexible: Proven on the Most Sensitive Nuts​

Nut Pasteurization CoolSteam


  • Consistent product quality excellence

  • A flexible system to satisfy all needs

  • Low Operating Costs, $0.005-$0.0075 Per lb. (No Vacuums, Chemicals, etc.)

  • Unmatched Local Service

    • 2 Full-Time Service Technicians in Central Valley, 1 in Oregon with parts Warehouse in Fresno

  • Proven Reliability - Simple, 4 Critical Control Points, All Charted in 1 Second Intervals​

Flexibility to meet your processing needs: 

Validations for Almonds, Pistachios, Walnuts, Cashews, Macadamias, Pecans


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Our Customers

Pure and Natural Food Consortium

The  CoolSteam Pasteurization is an all-natural method that maintains the quality and integrity of the cashews, macadamia nuts, and pecans we are currently running through the line. Our operations team has found the equipment to be very user-friendly. The recording and built-in monitoring of vital elements of the process instills great confidence that the equipment is meeting or exceeding performance expectations.

Nichols Farms

"We are so satisfied with our new pasteurizer that we are drawing up plans for a second Laitram CoolSteam line. The entire Laitram team has been great to work with. We look forward to a very long-term relationship with the good folks at Laitram."

Select Harvest, Almond Steam Pasteurization

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