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 Low-Temperature Steam Blanching Equipment



The same revolutionary low-temperature forced-convection principle, improved food safety-driven design. 

Times are changing and blancher validation to achieve a 5-log reduction of Listeria is now a key to a process under control, without affecting the organoleptic characteristics of the end product. 

We've applied 20 years of cooking science experience to rethink blanching. The CoolSteam Blancher offers the same precise uniformity, simplicity, and control, with an improved sanitary design.


  • 5-Log Kill: Our patented design provides the highest uniformity in heat distribution to assure a 5-log kill and maintain the ideal organoleptic qualities of the product.

  • Superior Quality:  High-quality end product, thanks to precise temperature controls, low temperature, and forced convection. 

  • Energy and Water Savings: Almost no water, just steam. Energy efficient with a product to steam ratio of 9:1 lb.

  • Yield Savings: Precise low temp and forced convection methods are used to allow for optimal recipe creation without overcooking the product and losing yield. 

The Laitram Machinery CoolSteam® Technology uses a forced convection method. In this process, a low-temperature mixture of air and steam is constantly circulated inside the chamber, distributing heat efficiently and uniformly. Product is cooked, blanched, or pasteurized consistently using less steam than traditional methods, and maintaining high-quality products.

Products cooked using the CoolSteam® Technology maintain a lower internal temperature, so the outside of the product does not become overcooked. As a result, more of the product’s natural moisture is retained and texture, taste, and appearance are superior.

Emphasis on Sanitary Design Principles

  • Our Patented design with product repositioning (flips) allows for the ultimate control of food safety and quality assurance. Wide-open areas with doors on both sides for easy cleanability and access.  Solid 316 stainless steel, easy to clean more corrosion resistant and low maintenance. 

  • Our CoolSteam Service and Technical support team offer unparalleled service for your equipment. Our experience in food safety and validations is shared throughout representatives that stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you to make sure your system is adequately maintained and repaired.

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Product Applications

  • Vegetables: 

    • Green Beans, Corn, Spinach, Onions, Peas, Broccoli, Carrots, Peppers, Celery​, Olives

  • Fruits 

  • Dry Fruits 

  • Grains 

  • Rice 



“The Laitram Machinery CoolSteam® blancher has now run a full season of green beans and corn, and the performance has far exceeded expectations. Laitram measured a 1.3% to 1.8% increase in yield recovery, improved our peroxidase positive outcomes and reduced energy consumption. The Laitram blancher is extremely consistent. Laitram has also worked with us to develop optimal recipes for each product. We could not be more pleased with our investment in Laitram’s CoolSteam® blanching technology.”

University of Florida

"The Laitram CoolSteam® Cooker provides a more uniform and controllable cooking temperature that assures compliance with existing regulations without compromising cook yield or product quality."