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    Improve and simplify your grading process with Laitram Machinery's proprietary grading technologiesA Laitram Grading System also reduces your labor needs, and ensures that your customer gets the right-sized product every time.  Our innovative system feeds, orients, and grades a broad spectrum of product with reliability and precision, reducing the margin of error associated with visual grading. 

    Consistency of size within a specific count range is very important.  Poor uniformity indicates a mixing of sizes, affects customer satisfaction and costs processors money per pound.  Tighter uniformity allows for greater pricing control, while ensuring that your customer receives the right-sized product…every time.

    HOSO Graded Shrimp



    Uniformity matters! Consistency of size within a specific count range is very important, resulting in increased profits to processors.

    • Improved Product Quality: Gentle product handling with more consistent, high uniform grading improves the visual appeal and size profile for your finished product.
    • Maximum yield with minimal product damage.
    • Accuracy: A Laitram Shrimp Grading System delivers accurate sizing to ensure consistent packaging, cooking, and/or freezing of product.
    • Higher Customer Satisfaction: Buyers have increased assurance that product lies within tight uniformity specifications.
      •  This limits the processor’s risk for product rejection from the buyer. 

    PRG Grading System

    PRG Grader 2

    Laitram’s PRG (Precision Roller Grader) technology improves and simplifies the grading Process.  These graders seek to achieve the highest uniformity output on graded food products.  Laitram’s innovative feed system, along with precisión controls, offers food processors the best opportunity to pack a high-quality, uniform product.

    After the feed system releases and orients product, grading (sorting) occurs as the product falls into grading lanes and moves down diverging, continuously rotating rollers.  Product is sorted by size, starting with the smallest product and ending with the largest.


    The Laitram PRG Graders are available in two configurations:

    • The PRG 55 (single-unit grading system)
    PRG 55
    • PRG 10-5 (tándem grading system)
    PRG 10

    Both configurations feed, orient, and grade a broad variety of products.  With high-precision, electro-polished stainless steel rollers, a PRG Grader offers reliability and simple, real-time precise adjustments.  Its hygienic design meets rigorous food safety standards, conforming to the American Meat Institute’s “10 Principles of Sanitary Design”.



    Graded Shrimp

    A PRG Grader improves uniformity, quality and consistency.

    • Laitram’s proprietary orienting feed system inproves PRG grading performance.
    • High-precision and electropolished rollers help meet rigid grading specifications.
    • In shrimp applications, prevents “whisker wrap”.
    • Gentle Product Handling
    • Digital Counters provide accurate and repeatable adjustment of grading lanes…to one-thousandth of an inch.
    • Automatic Lubrication ensures minimal maintenance downtime.
    • Sanitary design means the PRG is compliant with established, rigorous worker and food safety standards.

    Standard Configuration

    PRG with tanks Grader

    A PRG Grading System offers different solutions to fit your specific needs.  Multiple layouts are available.  The standard PRG configuration includes:

    • Feed System:  An optional feed tank (with our without an extended inspection table) provides a steady flow of product to the PRG.
      • Rotary and oscillating paddles ensure even product feed.
      • Each PRG Grader is equipped with an orienting pan that positions raw product for consistent delivery to the Grader.
      • A conveyor belt jack system for easy cleaning is standard on each PRG Grader.
      • An extended inspection platform accommodates 4 to 6 workers.
    • PRG Grader: Smaller product is graded first; largest product graded last.  Graded product drops onto take-out conveyors for fast, easy removal to the next phase of processing.
    • Take-Out Conveyors: Available for 3 to 6 grades.  Multiple discharge options are available; your Laitram Sales, Service and Optimization teams work with you to determine the best configuration to optimize process flow.  Laitram’s take-out conveyors are designed to make the transfer of graded product as fast and easy as possible.
    • Process Control System:  Provides reliable information, fast and easy error detection.  Simplifies operations.  Each Process Control System is customizable to your specific requirements.
    • Walkways & Stairs: Constructed of stainless steel, optional Laitram Walkways and Stairs are designed with safety and efficiency in mind.  Walkways make it easier to perform routine maintenance and provide better access should replacement parts or repairs be needed.


    Grader Process Control System

    Shrimp Grading Controls

    Laitram Machinery’s Process Control System provides processors with reliable information, allowing fast and easy error detection that simplifies operations, while producing significant cost savings. 
    The flexible design can be reapplied to quickly and easily control other systems. Operating from a single location via a user-friendly touch-screen interface, the control system is accessed remotely through the internet; this ensures that processors can track their operations...anywhere, any time.


    • Easy monitoring and control of the grading process.  
    • Stores information for repeatable functions. 
    • Multiple levels of security access. 
    • Allows Laitram to remotely diagnose and fix controls problems, reducing downtimes and increasing productivity. 
    • Increases production efficiency by reducing downtime and human errors. 
    • Repeatability of processes. 
    • Data logging system monitors critical operations parameters, enabling the compilation of valuable information, providing traceability and consistent processing. 
    • Fast and easy error detection. 
    • Easily programmable by maintenance and plant personnel, via an easy-to-understand graphical user interface. 
    • Designed to withstand severe conditions. 
    • Saves considerable time vs. manual operations. 
    • Secure; password protected. 
    • Remote Access options to control operations...anywhere, any time. 
  • "Laitram Machinery’s PRG Grader has proven to be an integral part of our business with exceptional quality, craftsmanship and precision shrimp grading. The PRG allows us to process high volumes at capacities of 5,500 to 6,000 pounds per hour on both headless and head-on shrimp, with no piggy-backing and uniformity ratios of 1.3 or better. Our operators now have more time to focus on other priorities because our new graders require very little maintenance with the automatic lubrication system and are easy to clean. Moreover, Laitram’s service, support and responsiveness have been outstanding."

    Dámaso Mateo

    Maintenance Manager

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